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Choose from the products created with great care from my exploration in the world of creativity.

The paintings are the expression of my exploration of creativity with alcohol ink. The unique patterns are created through the movement and drying of the ink using various techniques. The creative process has been therapeutic for me, and observing the paintings in their final state inspires a contemplation that can be considered therapeutic.

The painted mugs inspire you every day when you enjoy your coffee, tea, or even mulled wine. The unique pattern, adorned with golden, silver, and copper lines, leads you into contemplation as you admire the abstract lines.

When you can't bear to put down your favorite book but still need to set it aside, you choose to place an extraordinary bookmark in that wonderful spot where you left off.

Join me for an experiential astrology workshop and unlock the profound wisdom and guidance that astrology holds. Discover the profound connections between the celestial and the personal, and embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

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